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Meet our team.

The Central Creative Team

We work closely with neighborhoods, public and private stakeholder groups, businesses, community organizations, property owners, and residents during the planning, design, and construction phases of large infrastructure projects. We coordinate with key stakeholders during project planning and design phases and disseminate information during construction using innovative and creative techniques. Effective and consistent messaging is our strength.

Kristin Darr


  • What is everything?

Kristin’s project experience ranges from planning through design and construction of a wide range of capital improvement projects. She has worked for more than 20 years across a variety of disciplines to message, plan and facilitate working groups, workshops, meetings, technical advisory committees and special events involving all types and levels of stakeholders including federal, state, regional, county and local government entities; private and community- based organizations; special interest groups; businesses and the public.

She develops customized outreach and involvement strategies and designs project activities and materials to communicate the most important and relevant aspects of each project to affected individuals and groups. She has acted as project spokesperson on high-profile controversial projects, successfully interacting personally with residents, businesses, the media and stakeholders on behalf of clients to explain both project details and big-picture messages in a way that helps ease the impacts of projects and get across their benefits, developing positive relationships that last beyond each project.

Kristin is a skilled construction outreach professional, working with government agencies and contractors to coordinate with stakeholders, residents and the public through construction projects.

She recharges by running trails in the desert around the Valley and fitting in a yoga class every now and then. Her two doggies also keep her on her toes!

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/Journalism, Metropolitan State University, Denver, CO

Keryn Wilson


  • Business Operations
  • Contracting
  • Technical Editing

Since 2003, Keryn has managed the daily operations of the company including project billing, partner-vendor relationships, and contracts and budgets. When she’s not doing math, Keryn loves to put her English degree into practice as our technical editor and writer. Prior to joining Central Creative, she worked for seven years as a technical editor at a large engineering and environmental planning firm and managed the development and production of dozens of documents including large and complex environmental compliance documentation involving mulitdisciplinary teams of planners and scientists. As Central Creative’s elite jogger extraordinaire, you can often find Keryn running the streets and canals of Phoenix, practicing for her latest long-distance running event. She also enjoys the local craft beer scene as well as relentlessly posting photos on Instagram of her two gorgeous children.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in English, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

David Black


  • Web Development
  • Spanish/English Interpreting and Translation

David Black is a seasoned project manager and expert at front-end web development and communication and marketing through the web. He uses HTML 5 and CSS 2 and 3, incorporating PHP and JavaScript. He has extensive experience partnering with the customer to improve UX (user experience) by focusing on creating intuitive and natural UI (user interface) from the inception of any project.

David specializes in providing comprehensive communication strategies by seamlessly integrating visual and verbal communication in print and online to most effectively communicate to an intended audience.

David is trilingual; he speaks English and Spanish with native fluency and German with conversational fluency.

Graham Walters


  • Graphic Design

Graham Walters is a valuable member of Central Creative's team and is our primary graphic designer. He has been owner and operator of Rhino Design Group since 1997. He designs brand and company identities, logos, menus, posters, brochures, forms and mailers, and newspaper and magazine advertising, from first impressions to ongoing campaigns, and from scratch-page templates to 30,000-run coffee table books. He is comfortable addressing multiple projects and media in a single day, and is enthusiastic-downright passionate-about design done well. Graham always has a cooperative, positive, project-oriented attitude. A master of project turnarounds of one hour to one year, he is invaluable to us as a strategic manager of time, talent, and workflow, and a turnkey liaison between clients, proofers, and specialty stationers and printers.

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design, Arizona State University

Ken Wilson


  • Construction Communications

Ken is a public involvement specialist at Central Creative with 20 years of experience in public relations, sales, and marketing. Ken works with agencies and construction contractors to communicate directly with residents and businesses during construction of roadway projects. He has experience statewide answering and responding to hotline calls from local community members and stakeholders, preparing and distributing project updates via email and doorhanging, and talking with businesses and residents on notification walks. He works in the field to better understand access issues and address concerns as they arise, if not before. Ken's alter ego is as a beer sales representative and he is very involved in the local craft beer scene. He has also logged well over 100 miles hiking in the Grand Canyon and tries to get there as often as possible.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ